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4+ Years of IT Support experience , B.Tech graduate and having Valid UAE Driving license

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التفاصيل: نُشِر بتاريخ: 19 فبراير 2019

  • المستوى التعليمي: بكالوريوس
  • خبرة العمل: 2 - 5 سنوات
  • الدوام: دوام كامل


I am an engineering graduate. I have 4+ years of experience in different field of IT.
UAE experienced.

== UAE LMV Driving license ==

= CV download link : http://bit.ly/2SoEmZD =

Number - 05, 23 , 67 , 88, 21 ,

= Expected Salary range: 9 K - 10 K AED =

Provide all kind of IT Network & System Support.
Help Desk Support, IT Support, Desktop Support, Server Administration, System Administration, Network Administration, IT Administration.

? Manage small to large enterprise network
?Vmware ESXi and Virtualization Expert ? Including central management with vCenter , Backup , replication and Restore of VMs manually and using tools like NAKIVO.
? Network Designing and Implementation physically and Virtually.
? Linux servers and desktop: Ubuntu all versions , SUSE Linux enterprises, CentOS
- Install different open source software as per company requirements. Ex: Ticketing system, HR system, Next cloud, CRM, open project etc. And hosting in Linux and windows.
? Ethical Hacking and vulnerability checking
? NAS: Qnap , iomega
- all operation and integrate with active directory and give directory/sub directory level permissions, use for mounting as nfs data store, RAID, replication and mirroring with backup NAS
? Router & Switch Installation, Configuration, Troubleshoot
? Wireless routers, Access point, Cabling for rj45 etc.
? Security Firewall: Sophos , Astaro , pFSense
, opnsense
? Windows Server Administration 2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2016
? Active Directory, DHCP, DNS Server, Backup & Restore, Storage, Network Policies.
Group Policy management : Create GPO as per company requirements and apply it for OUs and entire site.
? Windows desktop Administration 7,8,10.
? End point Security
- comodo, McAfee , eset , avast
? MS Office 2013,2016, 2019 & Office365.
? Install, Manage, Troubleshoot (Telephones - Alcatel and NEC, Printers, Fax Machine, Scanners, Projectors).
? Hardware & Software Installation.
? Digital Marketing.
? UAE Driving License

I look forward to learn more about the position in your company and can be reached at

Please feel free to contact me for positions that match my qualifications and experience. Looking for good opportunities.

All documents are attested from UAE embassy.

Thank you for your time.
Muhammed Shemeer A H..

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